Are Solar Panels Right For Your Roof?

Solar panels are more effective at the right angle and direction.

Today’s efficient solar panels can help you save on electricity almost immediately after installation (even if the weather isn’t always sunny). But is your

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Common Roofing Problems for Southern Climates

The subtropical climate of Georgia, with its humidity, heat and storms, poses unique roofing problems for residential homes. Here are the top issues.

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New Roofing Trends for 2017

Tile, metal, and colored shingles give homeowners more options than ever.

Take a look at the hottest roofing trends on the rise in 2017. Does your roof need one of these upgrades? Plan out your renovation with these ideas.

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Spring Cleaning Your Roof: 5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Old Roof Look Younger

Spring cleaning is the perfect to to spruce up your rooftop, too.

Make your home look better by including your roof in your spring cleaning. Here are the top 5 tricks to making an old roof look new.

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5 Stupid Roofing Mistakes

The worst mistakes make a roof problem far worse!

The worst roofing mistakes aren’t just foolish: They can also cause damage to rooftops and make current problems worse. Homeowners and contractors beware!

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5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

New appliances, space and roofing can all help boost the price of your house.

It’s a homeowner victory when a big home project fixes an issue and increases home value. Here are the best projects to accomplish both!

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Top 5 Spring Roof Issues

Winter’s over, the days are getting brighter, and the last thing homeowners want are new spring roof issues: Here are the top problems to watch for!

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How Many Downspouts Does Your House Need?

The size and shape of the downspout can also matter.

Downspouts are those vital, vertical spouts attached to your gutter system. They drain water during storms – but how many downspouts do you need?

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Entry Points for Squirrels and Rodents: Is Your Home Safe?

Rodents will happily chew a way inside if they find a weakness.

Rodents like rats and squirrels love your house! Here are the top ways they get inside, and how to protect your home.

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The Roof Warranty: What They Cover and What You Need to Know

Warranties may or may not apply to "workmanship" error, so contractor experience is important!

Your roofer or the manufacturer of roofing supplies may provide a warranty to cover future damage. Here’s what these warranties do – and don’t do.

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