Do You Have Atlas Chalet Shingles? What You Need to Know

Atlas Chalet Shingles and roof repair

Some roofing companies are trying to take advantage of homeowners with Atlas Chalet Shingles. Here’s what to know if your roof has these shingles.

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How Will Summer Weather Treat Your Roof?

As the days warm up, your Georgia roof needs a little extra attention.

With spring storms and summer weather that looks hotter than average for Georgia’s climate, it’s important to make sure your roof is ready!

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How to Spot Roofing Scams Before You Buy

Scammers are interested in quick cash and will do anything to get it.

Because the roof is such an important part of your home, it’s also frequently the target of roofing scams. Here are the top warning signs.

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5 Things to Ask At a Roof Inspection

Home Inspection Checklist

A roof inspection is conducted as part of the overall home inspection to alert buyers to any potential issues

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What to Know About Living Roofs

Quality installation is supremely important when considering a green roof.

One of the roofing trends that’s been building for the past decade or so is the concept of “living roofs.” Here’s what to know about these green rooftops.

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What to Know About Roof Flashing

Flashing routes water away from vulnerable parts of your roof.

Roof flashing helps protect vulnerable cracks and objects on your roof. Here’s how it works, and why it’s important.

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How Roof Pitch Can Affect Your Home

Roof pitch affects everything from wind to repair costs.

Roof pitch refers to its angle or how steeply it slopes. Here are the reasons why that matters to your house!

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4 Common Problems with Roof Supports

It's important to deal with support issues ASAP for safety and cost reasons.

Although hidden away, roof supports do some of the hardest and most important work in your roof. Here are roofing problems that keep them from functioning.

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Your Roofing Problems: Repair or Replace?

While switching materials requires full replacing, storm damage may only need a small repair.

Should you repair your roofing problems or replace the entire roof? Here are several common scenarios and which choice works best in each.

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Are Solar Panels Right For Your Roof?

Solar panels are more effective at the right angle and direction.

Today’s efficient solar panels can help you save on electricity almost immediately after installation (even if the weather isn’t always sunny). But is your

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