3-Tab Shingles vs. Dimensional (Laminate) Shingles

Dimensional shingles are popular for homes.

3-tab and dimensional or laminate shingles are both used for a variety of buildings – but which is right for your home? Let’s look at the big differences!

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Siding Mistakes: What Are “Face Nails”

Face nails are a poor choice for most siding.

Face nails are a poor idea for siding installation – let’s talk about why, and what works better.

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New Year, New Roof?: 10 Signs Its Time to Replace

When damage is widespread, replacing your roof is the best option.

As the new year dawns, thoughts turn to new projects…so do you need to replace your roof this year, or can it wait a while longer?

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How to Avoid “Storm Chasers”

Storm chasers will cheat and lie to your face: Don't fall for them!

Storm chasers are fake roofers who try to cheat and scam homeowners – and during cold weather, they’re just waiting for a big storm. Here’s why…

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When Is the Best Time to Paint?

Paint your house in the right conditions, or you'll see a project go to waste!

Getting ready to paint your house exterior? Hold on! Make sure you choose the right time for painting to avoid poor curing and drying disasters. Read on…

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Hail: What Does It Entail?

While all hail damage may seem obvious, some can be very subtle.

Did you just experience a hailstorm? It may be time to check up on your roof: Hail can damage a rooftop in a number of ways, some that are hard to detect.

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Shingles: How Long Do They Last?

Certain shingles will wear out faster than others, based on climate and quality.

Homeowners care about how shingles look – but they also care about how long they last! If you want long-lasting shingles…

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How Your Roof Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

An energy-saving roof keeps heat from entering a building.

Did you know the right roof can lower your energy bills? Here are your best options for saving and how they work…

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Your Roof Leak: Where Is It Really?

Leaks always follow gravity...which leaks to some interesting effects in many homes.

Have you noticed a leak in your ceiling? Careful! Just because you spot water damage doesn’t mean you know where…

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Mix & Match: Roofs, Trees & Siding

Sometimes similar shades provide the best effect.

Worried about matching your roof, trees, and siding? We’ve got a lot of experience in this area. Here is a bit of advice when it comes to choosing colors:

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