Entry Points for Squirrels and Rodents: Is Your Home Safe?

Rodents will happily chew a way inside if they find a weakness.

Rodents like rats and squirrels love your house! Here are the top ways they get inside, and how to protect your home.

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The Roof Warranty: What They Cover and What You Need to Know

Warranties may or may not apply to "workmanship" error, so contractor experience is important!

Your roofer or the manufacturer of roofing supplies may provide a warranty to cover future damage. Here’s what these warranties do – and don’t do.

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Planting and Trimming Trees: What Homeowners Should Consider

Don't be afraid to cut down branches or even remove trees.

Are you planting new trees, or thinking about what to do with an old tree? Consider how trees affect your home first! Here are several key points.

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The Benefits of Vent Turbines on Your Roof

This vents help protect your attic from dangerous moisture damage.

You’ve probably seen them – those round little knobs poking up from residential rooftops. Those are turbines (a.k.a. whirlybirds), a type of roof vent…

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Replacing Your Windows?: What Could Go Wrong

Window sizing, sealing, and more are important - don't make mistakes here.

Do you need to replace or upgrade your home windows? New window products offer the opportunity to save on heating bills, change the look of your house,…

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Pine Straw: What Can It Do to My Roof?

Clumping pine needles cause moisture damage and clogged gutters.

Pine straw refers to all those bundles of needles that seem to so easily form on your roof – and spell trouble if left too long.

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How Does the Sun Affect My Roof?

Lots of sun is bad for shingles - tile or stone is often a better choice in these cases.

The sun can damage your roof over time: Do you know the signs of sunlight damage on your rootop?

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Five Reasons You Should Not Install Your Own Gutter Covers

The right gutter covers prevent leaks, debris build-up, and more.

Gutter covers help keep leaves and needles out of your gutters and away from your roof…as long as they are installed properly.

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Fiberglass Shingles: The Pros and Cons

Not all asphalt shingles are made the same way.

Fiberglass shingles are a very common shingle type across the country – but that doesn’t mean homeowners know much about them. Let’s dig in!

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What Is a Gutter Cover & Why Do I Need One?

Gutter covers are especially important in the fall and spring.

A gutter cover, also known as a gutter guard or a gutter grate, is a covering installed on the top of your gutters – and can help many Atlanta homes!

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