Warped Cement Siding: How to Deal With the Problem

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but your house may be judged for its warped cement siding. But what should you do: Repair it? Replace it?…

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Does Your Roof Color Affect the Temperature of Your Attic or House?

Dark roofing color

If you’re looking to decrease heat, cool your home or create a more even and steady temperature all year round, roof color may help.

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Laminate Roofs Offset Higher Cost with a Longer Warranty

Why laminate shingles may be the best choice for your new roof.

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How to Choose a Memorable Roof

Choosing a new roof is an important decision. The look and feel of a home’s roof can dramatically change the overall aesthetic.

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5 Reasons Why Fall May Be the Best Time for a Roof Inspection

To maintain your home, it is important that you get your roof inspected every year.

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Which Type of Roof Vent Is Best for Your Roof Style?

Proper roof ventilation can lower your energy costs, help eliminate moisture and increase air circulation.

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Why A Roof Project Is the Best Time for New Attic Insulation

Sometimes roof projects and attic insulation go hand in hand.

A roof replacement and new attic insulation make the perfect combination: Here’s why.

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5 Common Places for Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be difficult to locate

Roof leaks are a major hassle for homeowners, and a costly one at that. Locating a leak may be frustrating or simple, depending on several factors.

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Important Home Maintenance Tasks for Fall in Metro Atlanta

Clean rain gutters flow freely.

Now that fall has arrived in Atlanta, protect your home by performing these important home maintenance tasks.

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Time for Tree Removal? Signs Your Home Is Threatened

How to tell if it's time to remove a tree

Is it time for tree removal? Signs that a tree is failing and could destroy your home or your neighbor’s property.

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